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Silicone Non-slip Streamlined Wrist Rest

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Humanized design
Three-dimensional scanning of real human hands, the palm of the hand acts on the surface of the cushion when operating the mouse.
On top, the wrist is naturally held up to correct the tilt and excessive bending of the wrist.
Every curve is sleek and natural
Make the fingers click the mouse button naturally, and keep the whole hand in a natural position.
Operate the mouse in a resting posture, reduce joint damage, release shoulder pressure, and no
Effectively eliminate the cause of mouse hand
Aiming at the cause of the mouse hand, "the hand and the desktop are often rubbed
"Design a cushion surface close to the wrist, hold up the wrist, and avoid friction between the wrist and the desktop
Achieve more effective protection.
Accurate analysis of big data
With palm portraits, sizes, and operating habits of more than 3 million people,
Accurately portray and accurately analyze the wrist baby suitable for the public.


Product name: Ergonomic mouse pad
Model: SBS-220
Material: ABS industrial plastic/soft skin-friendly silicone
Color classification: fashion gray / elegant black

Package Content:

1*Ergonomic mouse pad









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